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Which Sites Are You Using for ‘Business’? Another Web2.0 List…

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Disclaimer: you do probably already know all these sites if you are like me spending lot of time on the Internet… (too much time?) But still, some people could be interested, like the customer I have been working with lately…

During a presentation to a customer around Web 2.0 and Social Networking, which sites do I use myself and why they could be interested for customer and their business…. So I really quickly write up this list, and just want to share it here…

Social networking… and many more. More and more important in business.

Multimedia site… I am sure you all use it daily. I have used this to share pics about events (internal or external).

Social Bookmarking…

Social links, content is rated by user.

Project Management tools,

Google services are terrific, as user or developer.

http://docs.google.com http://google.com/apps http://code.google.com http://maps.google.com

Public and free wiki that I used to communicate with customers, coworker and friends.

News and content syndication.


http://wordpress.org/ http://blogspot.com http://typepad.com

I use these site as consumer, but these services are more and more important in customer business, and will be part of our job as developer/integrator.

Hmm, when you see this list you can tell that I am a very happy Google user, and I have not talk about the other services that I use from Google: Gmail, GTalk, Analytics, Notebooks, and obviously the search…