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Struts or JSF by Craig McClanahan

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Craig McClanahan has started a blog… and his second post -after a quick introduction- is about the ‘hot’ subject of the usage of Struts or JSF.


For new development, here’s the best strategy for determining what to do:

  • Evaluate the two technologies individually, to see if they satisfy your requirements.
  • If one or the other technology is sufficient, go ahead and use it (it’s easier to learn and use one technology rather than two where possible); keeping in mind, however, the caveats about Struts HTML tags mentioned above.
  • If your requirements include unique features supported only by Struts (such as Tiles or client side validation support), feel free to use the two frameworks together.

Oracle Application Server 10g Sets World Record SPECjAppServer 2002 Performance Result on Fujitsu PRIMEPOWER Servers

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Oracle and Fujistu just announced new SpecJ2002 results, establishing a new record of 5,991.73 TOPS@MultipleNode (total operations per second) with a price-performance of 654.20 Euros/TOPS@MultipleNode. This was realized using Oracle Application Server 10g running on Fujitsu servers.

The results are available on the Spec Web site, the Press Release here.

Have We Lost the Groove ?

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Like lot of Java developers I was very excited about the announcement of the creation of the JSR-241… But where are we now ?

The JSR mailing list (http://news.gmane.org/gmane.comp.lang.groovy.jsr ) is very quiet… No meeting, not a lot of question/response. And like Patrick M. I have friends that have asked to be part of the Expert Group and never had any response.

I think that the Groovy Language is really a nice way of putting Java to the next level, easier to learn, to use and still powerful… I will not go in an enumeration of the benefits of Groovy here… but just asking what the Expert Group is doing ? What is the next step for the Groovy Language and the JCP ?

Weather Syndication

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Lot of us want to create portlets (or publish content) based on weather information. The best solution that I found is the Weather Channel XML.

And I was really impressed by xaopWeather (PHP based)! Let me know if you find an equivalent but Java based !

Which Version I Am Running ?

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Today I was helping a customer on a deployment issue…

The first question that I have asked is:

Which version of OC4J are you using ?”.

And he has no idea !

So let me give you some tips to know the version of Oracle components that you are using…