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Infoworld about OracleAS 10gR2: Write once

· 2 min read

As you can guess, when you work on a product it is always a pleasure to see good feedback, from end users, or from the media...

Tom Yager, from InfoWorld has published an article about Oracle Application Server 10g R2.

Here some of the comments:

“I’m extremely impressed with AS 10g Release 2 as a commercial product. Oracle has designed a valuable feature set built on top of J2EE 1.3, optimizing it for SOAs (service-oriented architectures), BPEL (Business Process Execution Language), BPM, pervasive support of XML, and real-time business intelligence, among many, many other things.”

“But I’m just as impressed with the clear emphasis Oracle has placed on complying not only with the letter of Java server standards, but with their “write once, run anywhere” spirit. You get to choose whether you want to bind yourself to Oracle’s extras. AS 10g Release 2 permits, and even automates, deployment to and management of non-Oracle Java app servers that adhere to the J2EE 1.3 standard. And if you do this, there are no subtle glitches meant to prod you toward paying for Oracle’s server.”

“After several weeks of living with AS 10g Release 2, I found that Oracle’s added value is nothing short of spectacular for enterprise applications and well worth paying for.”

“The myth of “write once, run anywhere” has been turned on its head. With AS 10g Release 2, Oracle has delivered on that age-old promise as well as a software giant can.”

Feel free to drop me comments about your experience with OracleAS 10g...