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Rapid Prototyping with GitHub Copilot: A Quick Journey into Image Processing

· One min read

As I transition to Next.js, the necessity arises to clean up the product catalog's images, which come in various sizes and formats; hence, I opted to write a small Python script using Pillow for resizing and standardizing the images. Despite not being a Python developer, I'm equipped with basic knowledge, making it easy to read and utilize the language's numerous libraries.

Using Visual Studio Code, I initiated a new script to fulfill the image cleanup requirements, specifying the objective:

  • download an image from a given URL, save it locally as 'original.png,' resize it into a square with a transparent background, and save copies at 1000x1000 pixels and 256x256 pixels in greyscale.

The Copilot then effortlessly executed the specified tasks, as demonstrated in the accompanying video:

Watch the video here

While this script serves as a fundamental prototype, the next step involves incorporating this logic into a complete application. GitHub Copilot's assistance not only jumpstarted the development process but also facilitated the creation of a functional prototype within minutes.