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Web Conference: Groovy & Grails UG London

· One min read

The London Groovy and Grails User Group will be holding their next meeting on Wednesday, 6th December 2006 at Skills Matter in London and for the first time ever the meeting will be available via a live web conference, so don't worry if you are not in London!

Speaking at this month's meeting will be Graeme Rocher, Grails Project Lead and CTO at Skills Matter. During his talk entitled; Grails Dynamic Tags: Making Tag Libraries Agile, Graeme will discuss Groovy Server Pages and its support for the creation of dynamic tag libraries without the need for configuration.

John Wilson, Groovy Committer, will also be presenting at this meeting. During his talk, entitled; The MetaClass: How Groovy works Under the Hood, John will shed light on the MetaClass so you can better understand its' function and see how to use it to get your Groovy programs smaller, clearer and faster.

For more information on attending this meeting or signing up for the web conference, please go to: