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A nice christmas present for Groovy and Grails project

· One min read

The groovy project gets funding for its development. Big Sky is hiring Jochen Theodorou one of the Groovy commiter. For the people that do not know Big Sky. Big Sky is the company behind the the No Fluff Just Stuff symposium tour. Talking about this symposium, in 2007, Groovy and Grails will have a dedicated track.

More about this funding:

In addition to this very good news, here some other activities around Groovy and Grails:

  • Releases of Groovy 1.0 and Grails 0.4
  • Two books on Groovy and one on Grails.
  • A dedicated Groovy and Grails website:
  • Also a dedicated Groovy and Grails conference: theGrails eXchange 2007
  • And the third Groovy Developer Conference in Paris at the end of January