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OracleAS OC4J and Java EE releases....

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This morning I was helping a customer to debug some Web Services deployment issues, when I simply realized that the error was coming from the fact that he was trying to deploy a JAX-RPC service on a OracleAS 10gR2 server; where it is not supported/available.

This give me the opportunity to clarify the different versions of the Oracle Application Server and their related Java Enterprise Edition release support.

Oracle AS ReleaseJ2EE/Java EE ReleaseComments/ExtensionsCertification Matrix EE 5.0* Currently available as technology preview
10.1.3.x (Oracle AS 10gR3)J2EE 1.4* Support of EJB 3/JPA * Web Services Annotations * MTOM support ( * Integration of Spring 2.0 ( * Integrationf of Oracle Coherence ([OTN Certicification Matrix](
10.1.2.x (Oracle AS 10gR2)J2EE 1.3[OTN Certicification Matrix](
9.0.4.xJ2EE 1.3[OTN Certicification Matrix](
9.0.3.xJ2EE 1.3[OTN Certicification Matrix](