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JavaOne 2008: my sessions choice...

· 4 min read

I have attended or presented at JavaOne for the last 6 years when I was living in the SF Bay Area... But this year I won't be in San Francisco for JavaOne. As you can guess, I am sad about that... However, I still look at the schedule and events, and here what I would like to do:

  • Groovy/Grails meetup organized by G2One and NFJS
  • Sun and Oracle General Sessions: Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday at 8:30am. I am particularly interested to see the Oracle's one  talk about the Oracle/BEA deal... May be we will be able to learn more about the products roadmap
  • TS-6050 - Comparing JRuby and Groovy
  • TS-5274 - Groovy on a Cloud: Testing Java EE Platform Applications on Amazon EC2
  • BOF-5102 - Cooking Your Own Groovy Builder: A Step Forward into Domain-Specific Languages
  • TS-5793 - Groovy and Grails: Changing the Landscape of Java EE Platform Patterns
  • BOF-5101 - Boosting Your Testing Productivity with Groovy
  • TS-5764 - Grails in Depth
  • TS-6298 - Designing Graphical Model-Driven Applications: Lego MindStorm ... long time that I have not programmed/designed with my Legos...
  • BOF-4888 - Taming the Leopard: Extending OS X the Java Technology Way: would be great to see my ex-coworker talking about OS X and Java.. John and Tim are terrific developers
  • BOF-6400 - The Future of Guice. even if I have not used (yet) this API from Google I have been a big fan of Bob's work
  • TS-5657 - JavaFX Technology: Bring the Web with You--Multiple Interfaces to Games, Chat, and More
  • TS-4817 - The Java Platform Portlet Specification 2.0 (JSR 286)
  • TS-5343 - Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) 3.1 Technology. As I am pushing more and more customer to use the standard JPA.. would be great to learn more about the next release of EJB
  • TS-6169 - Spring Framework 2.5: New and Notable... would like to see what will be said about SpringAppServer
  • TS-6072 - Advanced Enterprise Debugging Techniques
  • BOF-5634 - Java EE Platform Connector Architecture 1.6 Overview. I have been using J2CA a lot lately when dealing with SOA in large IT department... So quite cool to have an update on this spec.
  • TS-5318 - Dealing with Asynchronicity in Java Technology-Based Web Services. A feature in the WS Stack that I have been pushing a lot...
  • TS-5616 - JSR 303: From a World of Constraints to Constrain the World
  • TS-6339 - Top 10 Patterns for Scaling Out Java Technology-Based Applications
  • TS-5706 - SCA and Java Platform, Enterprise Edition (Java EE Platform): Integration Inside
  • BOF-5495 - Untangling the Asynchronous Web
  • TS-5425 - JAX-RS: The Java API for RESTful Web Services
  • LAB-4500LT - Develop AJAX Based Portlets With OpenPortal and GWT
  • TS-6574 - How to Implement Your Own OpenSocial Container on the Java Platform
  • TS-6807 - What’s New in Ajax
  • BOF-5661 - Comet: The Rise of Highly Interactive Web Sites
  • BOF-4922 - Writing Real-Time Web Applications, Using Google Web Toolkit and Comet
  • TS-5870 - The Best of Both Worlds with Java™ Business Integration and Service Component Architecture
  • TS-5152 - Overview of the JavaFX Script Programming Language
  • TS-5572 - Groovy, the Red Pill: Metaprogramming--How to Blow the Mind of Developers on the Java Platform
  • TS-5815 - Going Mobile with JavaFX Script Technology, Groovy, and Google Android
  • TS-5535 - Tying Java Technologies Together the RESTful Way

I have probably selected many conflicting sessions, not really an issue since I am not going there. That said, this year again JavaOne looks quite exciting and a lot of content again around Scripting Languages and Framework; Web2.0 related technologies and SOA.

I hope that I will be there for the 2009 one ;)