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Seesmic in action on TechCrunch's 'great' Twitter post....

· 2 min read

Like many of you I am following TechCrunch, and one of the latest post was quite "amazing":

  • see the Twitter! post from Michael Arrigton.More than the post itself, the comments that this single word generated is quite funny: so far we have 291 comments... As you can guess I have not read (all of) them... But something is interesting, you can see that many people have used Seesmic to drop a video comment.

I have to say that I am quite impressed by the large number of comments that have been made using Seesmic. Bravo to Loic Lemeur's vision for this tools... This is simply the new and easy way to really do the "read/write" Web, I should say "record/watch" Web.

One thing is still bothering me, how to I find interesting content that is saved using Seesmic?

Yes, I can use social features to subscribe to people that are sharing similar center of interest. But I cannot find any folksonomy on Seesmic, am I missing it, or it is just not available yet?

Or let's dream and imagine than Web search/index engine will be able to index these video content to help me to find interesting content -may be this exists but I have not found it yet-. Loic, is it your next big feature to transform Seesmic in the next killer app?

So far I do not have the feeling that I missed anything -watch the comments and you will understand-, but it looks like people love to use the video to discuss/share with others, and I can understand why... We have moved from technical tools: Complex Web Authoring Platform, to easy Blog publishing, to pure video recording tool, so very easy indeed. I can imagine my mother posting a comment to a blog or video now... thanks to Seesmic!