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eXo Cloud IDE : develop for the Cloud on the Cloud

· 2 min read

Yesterday, eXo has launched a new cloud based service: the eXo Cloud IDE. This IDE is an online service that facilitates the development of gadgets and mashups that could be deployed directly to a PaaS.

Before launching this service on the Cloud we, eXo team and customers, have used the IDE embedded in the eXo Platform to extend our intranet and customer deployments (some of the modules that we have developed live on our intranet are available as plugins on the eXo Resource Center).

This IDE is the last mile between the users and the developers. It provides a way to add new services asked by business users at a lower cost with a good time to market. And all this based on standards that corporate and Web developers like : REST Services using JAX-RS and UI based on OpenSocial gadgets in which you can leverage all the cool and powerful features of HTML5.

What eXo has launched yesterday is a big step for developers since you can now develop, test and deploy your gadgets and services online, and this in your "personal environment" using eXo Cloud IDE supports multi-tenancy. I won't go in all the features of the IDE since you can test it yourself by joining the beta program and look at this video:

eXo Cloud IDE resources: