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New Adventure...

· 2 min read

Yesterday was my last day at eXo... I have been working at eXo since 2008, and we have achieved many exciting things such as building eXo Platform, the open source social platform, and the Cloud-IDE allowing developers to build, test, and deploy applications online.

It was a great experience for me, but it is time for me to jump into a new adventure...

I am joining Couchbase as a Technical Evangelist for the EMEA Region. When I have started to work with NoSQL engines (starting with Google BigTable for Resultri) I really enjoyed the experience and the flexibility that it gives to the developers. Then I choose to work on a documented oriented database because it looks very natural to me, and evaluate the clustering capabilities. This is how I discovered Couchbase and its community.

This new job is a great opportunity for me to do the things that I really like about software:

  • Coding applications using different languages and frameworks
  • Understanding the sysops/devops related challenges when using a new product/technology
  • And finally probably the most important part; sharing it with others!

I look forward to sharing what I like about NoSQL and Couchbase and discuss with others about their experience or needs around NoSQL. 

See you soon online and in real life during conferences and meetups!

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