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Oracle JDeveloper ( / WebCenter available for download

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Oracle JDeveloper ( extends the SOA development features from the previous release by introducing the Oracle WebCenter extension. Oracle WebCenter Suite combines the standards-based, declarative development of JavaServer Faces (JSF), the flexibility and power of portals, and a set of integrated Web 2.0 services to boost end-user productivity. Oracle WebCenter Suite provides the tools and services to embed portlets, content, customizable components, Web 2.0 content, collaboration and communication services directly into your JavaServer Faces (JSF) application. These WebCenter features are in addition to the large set of new features that were introduced in Oracle JDeveloper and For more information on WebCenter, visit the Oracle WebCenter Suite page on OTN.

  • Build Portlets
    • Build JSR 168 portlets
    • Build Oracle PDK-Java portlets
    • Expose JavaServer Faces (JSF) applications as portlets
    • Preconfigured OC4J within Oracle JDeveloper
  • Consume Portlets
    • Consume JSR 168 portlets through WSRP
    • Consume other WSRP portlets
    • Consume Oracle PDK-Java portlets
    • Inter-component communication
  • Business User Web 2.0 Enterprise Mashup Tools
    • Rich Text / Blog Portlet
    • WebClipping Portlet
    • OmniPortlet
  • Runtime Customization
    • showDetailFrame
    • panelCustomizable
  • Integrate Content using JCR 1.0
    • Access content using data controls
    • Access to many content repositories
  • WebCenter Services
    • Secure Enterprise Search (SES)
    • Oracle Communication and Mobility Server (OCMS)
    • Oracle Content Database
    • Discussions
    • Wiki
  • Declarative Security
    • ADF Security Wizard
    • Authorization Editor
  • Lifecycle Tool
    • Embedded Lifecycle Tool
    • Command Line Lifecycle Tool
    • ANT Tasks

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