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Grails 0.4 Released...

· One min read

The Grails developer team is pleased to announce the release 0.4 of Grails. The release can be obtained from the downloads page.

Notable improvements include:

  • ORM enhancements with support for more relationship types, easy transactions and criteria building, constraints to SQL schema mappings, and upgrade to Hibernate 3.2
  • All-new non-invasive plugin system for writing reusable plugins for Grails applications
  • Greater Spring integration thanks to a new syntax for scripting Spring ( and an upgrade to Spring 2.0
  • Easier unit testing of controllers and custom taglibs
  • Validation improvements, including support for inherited constraints and simplified size constraint handling
  • Automatic encoding of unsafe HTML characters and URL parameters in all scaffolding and taglibs
  • Fixes to support Grails on more containers such as GlassFish and over 200 issues and bugs resolved in JIRA
  • Grails now ships with Groovy 1.0!