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Getting Started With MapR-DB JSON REST API

· 3 min read


In this project you will learn how to use the MapR-DB JSON REST API to:

Create and Delete tables Create, Read, Update and Delete documents (CRUD) MapR Extension Package 5.0 (MEP) introduced the MapR-DB JSON REST API that allow application to use REST to interact with MapR-DB JSON.

You can find information about the MapR-DB JSON REST API in the documentation: Using the MapR-DB JSON REST API


You system should have the following components:

  • A running MapR 6.0.1 & MEP 5.0 cluster with the MapR-DB REST API service installed
  • curl or equivalent tool

Discover the MapR-DB JSON REST API#

The easiest way to discover it, is to use curl command (or equivalent).

1 - Create a table

curl -X PUT \  'https://mapr-node:8243/api/v2/table/%2Fapps%2Femp' \  -u root:mapr \  -k

In this command:

  • the MapR-DB REST Service (MapR Data Access Gateway) is running on the mapr-node host with the default port 8243 using HTTPS
  • the HTTP verb PUT on /api/v2/table/ endoint creates a new table
  • the protocol is HTTP since HTTPS is not enabled on this cluster
  • the new table will be created wit the path /apps/emp that is encoded to %2Fapps%2Femp
  • the user root with the password mapr is used for authentication, using basic authentication
  • the -k parameter is used to indicate to turn off curl’s verification of the certificate.

In this example, you use the basic authentication, it is also possible to use JSON Web Token. You will learn more about this when you will write an application in Go.

2 - Insert Documents

Insert one document

curl -X POST \  'https://mapr-node:8243/api/v2/table/%2Fapps%2Femp' \  -u root:mapr \  -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \  -d '{"_id":"user001","first_name":"John","last_name":"Doe", "age" : 28}' \  -k

In this command:

  • the /api/v2/table/{path} with the verb GET is used with a condition query parameter
  • the OJAI JSON syntax is used to express the condition: {"$eq":{"last_name":"Doe"}}

3 - Update a document

The following example will increment the age by 1 and update the last name.

curl -X POST \  'https://mapr-node:8243/api/v2/table/%2Fapps%2Femp%2F/document/user001' \  -u root:mapr \  -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \  -d '{"$set" : {"last_name" : "New Doe"}, "$increment" : {"age":1}}' \  -k

In this comamnd:

  • the URL points to the document _id to update
  • the HTTP verb POST is used to modify the resource
  • the request body -d is the OJAI JSON Mutation that update the last name and increment the age.

You can check that the document has been updated using the following command:

curl -X GET \  'https://mapr-node:8243/api/v2/table/%2Fapps%2Femp%2F/document/user001' \  -u root:mapr \  -k

4 - Delete a document

Delete the document with the _id user001.

curl -X DELETE \  'https://mapr-node:8243/api/v2/table/%2Fapps%2Femp%2F/document/user001' \  -u root:mapr \  -k

In this command:

  • the URI /api/v2/table/{path}/document/{id} with the HTTP verb DELETE is used to delete the document

5 - Delete the MapR-DB JSON table

The last step of this tutorial is to delete the table using the following command:

curl -X DELETE \  'https://mapr-node:8243/api/v2/table/%2Fapps%2Femp' \  -u root:mapr \  -k


In this tutorial you have learned how to use the MapR-DB JSON REST API to:

  • Create a table
  • Insert and query documents
  • Update and delete documents
  • Drop table

You can now use the API to create MapR-DB JSON Application using your favorite language.