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Seamless Internationalization with GitHub Copilot

· One min read

In the course of developing using NextJS, the integration of internationalization became a pivotal requirement on my checklist. The aim was to enable seamless translation of the application into multiple languages, leveraging the native i18n features provided by NextJS, as outlined in the official documentation.

To facilitate this, I organized a set of JSON files, each containing translations for the application in a specific language. For simplicity, I adopted a one-file-per-language approach, ensuring uniformity by maintaining identical keys across all files. The translation process involves replacing the values associated with each key.

To expedite this crucial task, I turned to GitHub Copilot for assistance. Witness the efficiency and precision of Copilot in action by watching the following video:

Yet again, GitHub Copilot proves to be the hero of my coding journey – making my day, one efficient line of code at a time!

PS: In this video I am translating the full file, but you can also translate a single key, or a set of keys, as you type them in the IDE, GitHub Copilot completion will propose you the translation.