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In this entry I am explaining how to use the JSR-223 Reference Implementation into Oracle Containers for J2EE (OC4J).

Note: I have done this only on Windows XP Platform, I did not test on Unix/Linux yet.

1-The first thing to do is to download the JSR-223 Reference Implementation from the JCP Web site.

2- Unzip the in a directory let say d:\java\jsr223-ri.

3- You can choose here to do a proper installation (requires perl) or not. The proper installation preconfigure Apache Tomcat and the JSR-223 command line demonstration. Since what we are trying to achieve is to install the RI inside OC4J you do not need to do the installation.

4- Download

this zip file that contains a Ant task and various files to configure and deploy the JSR223 sample into OC4J.

聽聽聽4.1 To execute the Ant script you must start to set the following environman variables:

  • JAVA_HOME that points to the JDK home
  • ORACLE_HOME that points to the OC4J home (eg: d:\oracle\oc4j)
  • JSR223_HOME that points to directory where you have unzipped the JSR223 RI (eg d:\java\jsr223)

聽聽聽4.2 Create a startup script for OC4J using the command


The default target create a script names start-jsr223.bat in the %ORACLE_HOME%\bin directory. This script set various environment variable and start OC4J with the correct system parameters to load correctly the PHP scrip engine from Java.

聽聽聽4.3 Start OC4J using the created script


聽聽聽4.4 Package and Deploy the Sample Application

ant deploy

This target packacge the Web samples from the reference implementation in a ear/war file, modifying the web.xml to define the different servlet mapping needed by JSR223.

5 Use the sample application


You can start to use PHP in OC4J ;-) Take some time to read the sample code and specifications. JSR-223 is not only for Web container but also for JS2E, it is so interesting that the JSR-223 will probably be part of Mustang...

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A friend a mine just ask me:

What blog software do you recommend if somebody is starting newly, should have the ability to create categories, easy image uploading?

I did not understand immediately his question, but he wanted to know if some Desktop application exists to easily publish on a blog...

I am sure that you can find a lot on the Web, I personnaly use w.bloggar. As you may know most of the Blog (server) provides XML-RPC, it is how this tools communicate with your server

I will have to test these tools on my Mac: BlogApp and iBlog. If you are Linux user take a look at: BlogniX

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This new Java World article compares the different Java scripting languages (Groovy, JudoScript, Pnuts, JRuby, Jacl, Jython, Rhino, and BeanShell), and list the issues that you have to select the good one...

In this article that I like I would like to read a little about the JSR-223 that should help with the integration part.

I will be very interested to know how you use Java Scripting language in your projects, so feel free to drop me a comment or mail ( tugdual[at]grallandco[dot]com )

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A friend of mine was asking me:

can I use PHP with Oracle?

Sure you can!

And a very good source of information about PHP and Oracle is the OTN Web site itself, and especially the OpenSource page. Here a list of my favorites:

Can I run my PHP Applications inside Oracle Application Server?

Sure! Not only you can access the Oracle database from a PHP Application, but also if you are running Oracle Application 10g the usage of mod_php is supported with Oracle HTTP Server see:

And what about development?

Development could be done inside Oracle JDeveloper 10g using the The Oracle JDeveloper 10g PHP Extension

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A friend a mine just bought the top of the line of the Dodge Grand Caravan... Really over-loaded...

My favorite feature is uConnect, that provide hand-free voice system based on Bluetooth...

I just turned on blue tooth on my phone, and five minutes later I was able to talk to my friends and family and share that with all people in the car. I have several bluetooth stuff (Macs, PDA, Phone) and this is the first time that using uConnect that I find a really cool usage of it...

The missing feature: I would like to see an integration between my address book on the PDA to the GPS system allowing the system to direclty set the destination from an address....

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My first 2005 action was to give money for south Asia. I made a donation to the Unicef Organization and my employer Oracle is matching my amount.

So think about it and take five minutes of your time to make a donation to one of this organization: