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Craig McClanahan has started a blog... and his second post -after a quick introduction- is about the 'hot' subject of the usage of Struts or JSF.


For new development, here's the best strategy for determining what to do:

  • Evaluate the two technologies individually, to see if they satisfy your requirements.
  • If one or the other technology is sufficient, go ahead and use it (it's easier to learn and use one technology rather than two where possible); keeping in mind, however, the caveats about Struts HTML tags mentioned above.
  • If your requirements include unique features supported only by Struts (such as Tiles or client side validation support), feel free to use the two frameworks together.

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Oracle and Fujistu just announced new SpecJ2002 results, establishing a new record of 5,991.73 TOPS@MultipleNode (total operations per second) with a price-performance of 654.20 Euros/TOPS@MultipleNode. This was realized using Oracle Application Server 10g running on Fujitsu servers.

The results are available on the Spec Web site, the Press Release here.

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The Middleware company has created an initiative to test the different Object-Relational mapping tools, this test is named Torpedo. You can find the announcement of this O-R benchmark initiative on TSS Web site.

Oracle Toplink just posted news results that you can read and comment here.

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Like lot of Java developers I was very excited about the announcement of the creation of the JSR-241... But where are we now ?

The JSR mailing list ( ) is very quiet... No meeting, not a lot of question/response. And like Patrick M. I have friends that have asked to be part of the Expert Group and never had any response.

I think that the Groovy Language is really a nice way of putting Java to the next level, easier to learn, to use and still powerful... I will not go in an enumeration of the benefits of Groovy here... but just asking what the Expert Group is doing ? What is the next step for the Groovy Language and the JCP ?

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Lot of us want to create portlets (or publish content) based on weather information. The best solution that I found is the Weather Channel XML.

And I was really impressed by xaopWeather (PHP based)! Let me know if you find an equivalent but Java based !